Sunday, 12 May 2013

sunday bloody sunday

Sundays are our hard days. They're supposed to be full of relaxation and rest and collecting energy for week ahead but they're not. They're hard as fuck.
For some reasons the day J cries the most is Sunday. And it's not even midday yet. And for some reasons( being overtired after whole week?) those are the days I perform the worst act.
When he cries I can't seem to know what to do, nothing seem to help for longer then couple of minutes, and we go ins circle: I'm helpless so I start to cry and that automatically makes him cry even louder and stronger.
Only mother will know this incredible feeling you get when you cannot control your baby's cry and you feel like just dropping him on the bed/in a cot/Moses basket/wherever and running away but instead you bring him closer to you and you hold him with your calmest hand.
It's hard. They say we've got special hormone that makes us feel unease when baby cries. Well I guess I have triple portion of this one.
And I cannot complain because J is a gold child. So calm and chilled out most of the time. I cannot imagine what would I do if he had colic or anything like that. I dont know how would I cope. Hat off my head for all the mothers who do.

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